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Hofmann Engineering offers a wide range of replacement parts for Caterpillar (Bucyrus/Marion) & Komatsu (P&H) Electric Rope Shovels.

Some major components that we can offer include dipper handles, all transmissions (hoist, crowd, swing & propel), complete undercarriages, swing racks, swing shafts, propel shafts, boom sheaves, rope drums & padlocks.

Our extensive experience product improving and supplying shovel parts began with the old P&H 1900’s & Marion shovels. From these beginninngs, we have continued to product improve shovel parts on subsequent models, providing the extended service life and reduced downtime demanded.

Engineering solutions can be offered for any specific challenges. Embracing today’s advanced manufacturing techniques from the quality of the raw material to the finished product, our Product Team can provide the solution you are seeking. Hofmann Engineering is the one stop shop for all your Shovel replacement parts.